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Handwritten notes

In this age of digital communication it's hard to stand out from the crowd.


Emails get ignored, printed letters get binned and phone calls can be intrusive.


Sending a handwritten note is a powerful way of getting your message read, while making the recipient feel appreciated.


There are many occasions when a handwritten note can be used to great effect:


Notes to customers

Introductory notes

Follow up notes

Reminder notes

Thank you notes to employees

Thanks for you order

Before a meeting

After a meeting

Attached to printed mailshot


We specialise in handwritten notes for business and personal use, with a focus on small, bespoke handwritten mailings.


There is no minimum order, so if you only want one note, that's all you'll pay for.


We can write your notes on any type of paper or card and post them in hand addressed envelopes.


If you want to include inserts, such as gift cards or promotional literature, just send them to us and we'll insert them into the envelopes along with the handwritten note.


Or we can handwrite the notes and send them to you, so you can add them to your mailshots.



Handwritten post-it notes


Attaching a handwritten post-it note to a printed letter or direct mail piece can be very effective as a call to action or to add a personal touch. We can handwrite post-it notes and attach them for you.


Contact us today to see how we can help add that personal touch and make someone feel special.


Handwritten by us, for you.







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